About Us

DK Scrubs is a Minnesota based company created to give healthcare professionals a line of medical scrubs that are affordable, combined with fashion and functionality that makes you feel and look good. 

We are a direct to consumer healthcare apparel and lifestyle brand that caters to all healthcare professionals that put themselves on the frontline. Our goal is to empower and serve the present and future generations of healthcare professionals with high end quality scrubs that are comfortable enough to perform their job duties with confidence and in style.

We at DK Scrubs are committed to providing the healthcare industry and its professionals with an unmatched technically advanced apparel brand that’s stylish to the eye. We design our scrubs with a combination of comfort, durability, functionality, style, softness, and anti wrinkle protection. Our Scrubs are also bouncy, breathable, stretchable, and skin-friendly.

Our brand has the best quality scrubs at an affordable price. We want to inspire healthcare professionals to feel and look their best when performing at their maximum potential while achieving their goals and making a difference in the lives of their patients.

Our mission is to help healthcare professionals and all other professionals whether you’re a Doctor, Nurse, Dental Assistant, Esthetician, or student in training be confident, comfortable, and fashion forward to assist with increasing work productivity for a better patient care experience.